Tokenizing travel leisure market

Columb Token creates financial incentivizes for travelers and enterprises to ensure the best experience

Arrow icon Problems and solutions


  • Icon search
    Planning trip takes time

    5h / avg Weekend trip 25h / avg Vacations

  • Icon contribute
    Personal data donation

    Corporations make money by using user­generated data. Users, though, never get paid for sharing it.

  • Icon adverts
    Paid SM advertisement

    With current pay_per_click ads model, hackers steal $5M per day by simulating clicks and drastically draining marketing budgets.

  • Icon communities
    Rural communities are fading

    Tourist centers are overcrowded, culture in regions is fading.


“Redistribute the wealth of the travel industry from the concentrated urban population to more marginalized rural communities.”

To build a bridge between rural communities and travelers and by that increase local businesses growth by 15%


Traveler icon
First ever platform that pays for travel content contribution
  • Icon get paid
    Get paid for discovery

    Travelers discover new places or providers and get paid in tokens for content contribution.

  • Icon personalisation

    Big data and A.I. allow us creating for traveler a personalized offering for each location. Swiping makes discovery much faster.

Small business icon
Small business
The fastest way to get a target customer on spot for free
  • Icon free traffic
    Free traffic for business

    Safe solution pay per customer. Eliminating fraud opportunities, saves business’s money and brings more value.

  • Icon target
    Targeted customer

    Only customers nearby who’re looking for exactly your services.

Social impact icon
Social impact
Rural communities attract travelers and grow economically
  • Icon double rewards
    Double rewards

    Columbery consciously invests doubled reward amounts into rural regions.

  • Icon fraud protection
    Fraud protection

    Crypto payments allow us to protect providers in the most sensitive economic regions.

How does it work

Traveler discovers businesses & earns tokens

Businesses lists free advertisements (coupons)

Columbery process with A.I. all places / services

Traveler gets personalised choices and spends tokens

Product preview

  • Explore

    Don’t spend time on the search. The more you swipe, the more personalized offers you get.

  • Coupons and discounts

    Get exclusive discounts and experiences for the Columb coins you’ve gained.

  • Contribute

    Be the first who adds places to get a lot of Columbs. Or just update info and still get Columbs.

  • Gain

    For contribution, you earn Columb tokens. We double reward Rural and non-touristy places

Token operation

Token operation scheme
  • 1. Small and Medium Enterprise

    Posts free discounts or service coupon for purchase

  • 2. Traveler

    Uses gained CLMB’s to get discounts or coupons or buys coupon with Fiats

  • 3. Columbery

    Receives back CLMB’s from free discounts or takes commission from Coupon purchases

Market and competition

  • 8M

    The average number of daily check­ins

  • $710B

    Value of the global mobile coupons market by 2020

  • 370M

    Millennials will be traveling worldwide by 2020

  • only 17%

    Leisure activities available online

  • City guides:
    • Foursquare
    • Tripadvisor

    Online suggestions. Issue: It takes time to read, collect and find things to do around.

  • Coupon services:
    • Living social
    • Groupon

    E­commerce service: Deals of the day. Issue: General, not targeted audience

  • Crypto startups:
    • Travelchain
    • Cool Cousin

    1. Decentralised B2B solution
    2. P2P city guide

Market structure graphic

Token Description

  • Columb (CLMB)

    Token Name

  • 6B CLMB

    Total supply

  • $12M

    Raising during the ICO

Chart token distribution
Token distribution
  • 10% Team and Hiring Pool
  • 40% Rewards and partnerships
  • 50% Initial Coin Offering
Chart use of funds
Use of Funds
  • 20% Product Development
  • 30% Operational Costs
  • 50% Marketing and Sales
  • Reward icon
    A reward

    for user data sharing

  • Tool icon
    A tool

    for payment on the platform

  • Key icon
    A key

    to various discounts and crypto cashback

  • Way icon
    A way

    to achieve a coalition loyalty crypto program

Columbery team

  • Igor Arkhypenko

    Built 3 international businesses. Manages Kyiv IT Cluster, Expert at EASME in the Travel sector.

    Everytime Igor travels with the family, he meets local people who’re very passionate about sharing travel activity services. Igor strongly believes that sharing passions could be beneficial for both locals and travelers.

  • Michael Guchakov

    As a web developer and CTO has built and managed various successful software projects for 10 years.

    Michael wants to apply his passion for technology to create something life-changing. Being a traveler and cryptocurrency fan, he strives to accelerate the adoption of crypto-currency worldwide.

  • Anfisa Bogomolova

    Built 2 startups for travel activities. Taught UX Design in Georgia and China, managed own freelance design studio.

    A true adventurist and a nomad spirit. She lived in 7 countries and traveled in over 40. As a traveler, Anfisa is fed up with the same beaten paths anywhere she goes, and she strives to change it.

  • Sergii Nikolaiev
    BA, AI

    An IBM Research intern and has built several startups. He extensively applies machine learning and deep learning techniques.

    Sergii loves traveling and groking peoples' lifestyles in other countries. He believes in the power of sharing economy fueled by crypto-currencies that will create a new bright future for all of us.

  • Kateryna Dyachenko
    Managing Partner

    Starting and managing projects from an idea to the market. Produced: TV project for entrepreneurs, movie, cartoon. Wrote and published several books.

  • Vlad Andriushchenko
    Legal councel

    CEO at Alter legaltech firm. Legal advisor at Kyiv IT Cluster. He provides legal services in field of IT and develop legaltech projects. Vlad loves to advise cryptostartups.

  • Alexander Bondarenko
    Mobile Developer

    Passionate about creating new solutions that are practical, useful and easy to use.

  • Denys Yaroshenko
    Backend Developer

    7 years experience in developing server-side solutions.

  • Viktor Radchenko
    Blockchain specialist

    Consulting in investments, blockchain, new technologies since 1997

  • Kate Klymenko
    SMM Ninja

    3 years of experience in the Marketing industry, managing more than 30 social accounts. Passionate about strong digital presence.

  • Anastasiia Lutsenko
    Content strategist

    7 years of experience in academic writing and editing for leading institutions. 10 years of experience in international business and commu-nications. Academic scholar in the area of entrepreneurial orientation.

  • Philipp Baikov
    Motion designer

    Helping startups to enter digital markets, making impeccable videos

Board of advisors

  • Forbes
    Sally Eaves
    Sally Eaves

    Emergent Technology CTO | Global Strategy Advisor - Blockchain AI FinTech | Social Impact | Keynote Speaker and Author

    Mike Raitsyn
    Mike Raitsyn

    Founder of - token offering services

  • CryptoTexty
    Andriy Voloshyn
    Andriy Voloshyn

    Writer, Co-Founder of CRYPTOTEXTY, Advisor in marketing and politics

  • Denis Yurchenko
    Denis Yurchenko

    Country Manager, Ukraine and CIS at Apple. 14 years of experience in international business.

  • CouchSurfing
    Casey Fenton
    Casey Fenton

    Founder of CouchSurfing and

  • Template Monster
    David Braun
    David Braun

    CEO at Template Monster, Sales expert, brand strategist

  • Valentyn Glubokyy
    Valentyn Glubokyy

    Director at FEODAL Consulting Group

  • David Lynch Foundation
    Olga Diakova
    Olga Diakova

    Founder of David Lynch Foundation in Eastern Europe, Managing partner and PR at O2PR

  • How To Co-Create The Future
    David Passiak
    David Passiak

    Innovator,author of 3 books. Senior Director at M80, Head of Innovation for Dubizzle, Ph.D. at Princeton

  • Seedstars
    Igor Ovcharenko
    Igor Ovcharenko

    Business Developer at Seedstars

  • Coworking Platforma
    Refael Yucha
    Refael Yucha

    Founder of «Platforma», Community engineer

  • The 8760
    Shadi Paterson
    Shadi Paterson

    Chief of Growth at The 8760 Pre & Post ICO Marketing


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    The revolution in blockchain crowdselling industry. A box solution for conducting token launch with highly experienced team.

  • Partner Unlock
    Unlock Blockchain

    The first MENA-Asia UNLOCK Blockchain Forum in Dubai DIFC. The forum discusses how governments can use blockchain applications.

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Icon EU flag
Columbery OÜ
Incorporated in Estonia

Code of registry: 14420473


1. What is Columb token?

Columb token is built on the Ethereum blockchain and complies with the ERC20 standard. ERC20 is the de-facto standard for token issuance. It facilitates owning, spending, and delegating usage of tokens by their holders. Columb token is an utility token. It represents a key to give both (Travelers and SME in travel sector) exactly what they need: paid content and free traffic for business.

As an owner of a Columb token you get:
A tool for payment on the platform
A key to various unique discounts and crypto cashback
A way to have a sole loyalty program for all leisure globally. Even in emerging markets.

2. How is Columbery different from any other travel leisure platforms?

Our product solves crucial problems of such giant services as Foursquare & Swarm, Groupon, and Tripadvisor. Millenial travelers don’t possess any more countless hours for preparing the trip itinerary (reading Tripadvisor). Business travelers, in particular, complain they are having maximum 2 to 5 free hours during their work trips, which they don’t want to spend on researching what is worth doing around. This results in choosing a poor experience followed by a negative impression about visited location.

For many years, Foursquare promoted discovery gamification but was unable to grant travelers with a real payments/rewards. With a time, user simply loses interest in the game without any applicable reward and abandon the service.

Groupon is an extremely powerful and still growing service. Many SME complains about the inefficiency of their promotions. Coupon service proved to be too broad and lacks visibility among personalized, targeted audience.

The benefits of using Columbery are:

  1. The solution that allows getting paid for a travel content contribution in real spendable cryptocurrency.
  2. Columbery is focused on solving immediate travelers’ needs: find things-to-do nearby at this exact moment without wasting time on search and asking questions.
  3. Free traffic for SME by showing coupons through the game to the targeted user nearby.
  4. Columbery is a first travel activities service with its cryptocurrency. It is something many existing marketplaces are not able to introduce.
  5. Columbery strategy includes an ambition to reach at least 50% bigger market offering. Blockchain allows building trust between SME and travelers in the regional and emerging markets.
3. Why blockchain?

Issuing Columb token we enable:

  1. Opportunity to monetize content contribution for a traveler.
  2. Get free targeted traffic for SME.
  3. Develop a coalition loyalty program for a 3M SME and solve market fragmentation issue.

Crypto token gives us unique opportunity to grow platform with lightning speed (creating marketing Hype around paid content) and onboard 3M SME in a matter of a year.

Other great benefits of the solution are:

  • Scaling without compromising the quality of the content and services.
  • Cutting extra costs and keep prices affordable.
  • Securing the transaction between enterprises and travelers.
  • Promote cryptocurrency usage habits among travel community.

By gradually integrating blockchain payment solutions, the company will reduce extra costs, ensure users have access to trustworthy information and affordable services of great quality.

4. Can US / Chinese / Israeli citizens participate in the ICO?

You don’t have the right and shouldn’t buy CLMB tokens if you are a citizen or resident (tax or otherwise) of any country or territory where transactions with digital tokens and/or digital currencies are prohibited or in any other manner restricted by applicable laws. As of now, it looks like participants from USA, China and South Korea will not be able to take part in the public ICO itself. Please find a list of all countries and their regulations here

5. When is the Columb token going to be transferable?

Tokens will be issued and available to transfer in a few weeks after the planned end of token sale on October 30. Please note, that every investor needs to undergo KYC procedure before tokens withdrawal.

6. Do you have a Bounty program?

We'll announce all the details in our BTT channel as soon as it is open.

7. In what currency will the funds be collected?
We will raise funds in BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH
8. Where can I buy cryptocurrency (BTC and ETH)

You can buy Bitcoin on:

  • (card payment)
  • (card payment)
  • (cash and bank transfer)
  • (bank transfer at any popular exchange)

You can buy Ethereum on:

  • (card payment)
  • (card payment)
  • (cash and bank transfer)
  • (bank transfer at any popular exchange)
9. Where can I store Columb token?
You can use any ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallet such as MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, Mist, Parity and others.

Our news and vision